Indin adventure part 5&6.

Part 5.

Today we were up, packed, breakfasted and in the car leaving our beloved Cardamon County Hotel Thekaddy.
On the road for 4 hours to the next destination.
The route took us once again through Tea plantations, Bobby did offer to stop and let us go on a tour, however Mum has already been round one in Sri Lanka and I don’t like tea so not that interested.

We drove through large busy cities full of thousands of shops each the size of a single garage, each selling one or two items, may it be a selling mattresses, sari’s, inverters ( whatever they are) fruit, tuk tuks, everything you can think of.
We stopped in a city to buy some beer to take on the houseboat. We parked at the side of the road and then followed Bobby as he crossed. Me not only trying to avoid almost certain death from the hundreds of different types of transport all coming at me, but also trying to keep an eye on Mum, who has a habit of loving to look at everything around her almost impervious to the danger that she may be in. We went down a side street, where a large bird took flight from a nearby roof and pooped on my arm and leg. No it’s not bloody lucky. It stinks.
Then along the back alley we came to the Wine and beer shop. We had to queue outside a barred up window, a man pushed in front of me, a local told me to tell him to get lost, which I promptly did. It was my turn. The wine was a choice of Indian Red or Indian white. So much dust on the bottle you couldn’t tell which it was. We declined and instead just bought 6 bottles of beer.

We got back to the car without being killed by the traffic and continued what felt like very long journey.
The car then stopped, a huge traffic jam. After 1/2 an hour we were at the front of the jam. Caught up in the festival celebrations of Maha Shivaratri. A huge parade of people, some playing drums, some wearing massive shiny what looked like christmas decorations about 10 feet high on their shoulders. Men with large pins and hoops going right through their cheeks ( revolting). All the ladies and children dressed in bright clothes, everyone happy and singing and dancing. The whole town turned out for the festival.
The only other excitement to report was a calf that decided to jump out into the road and run along side us. Everytime we slowed down it slowed down, each time we sped up it did. eventually it ran right into us. I am happy to report the we were going so slowly that neither cow nor car were damaged.

Eventually we arrived at the Zuri Hotel. Kumarakom.
After a hurried goodbye to our driver of the last 5 days Bobby. We were ushered into the hotel, daubed with a bindi and to the sound of traditional drums welcomed into the foyer. We were shown to some comfy seats handed wet towels to refresh ourselves and a fresh coconut with a straw for refreshment. They took our room voucher and passports then reappeared 5 minutes later to show us to our room.

Part 6

We walked along a path through the most beautiful gardens skirting the hotels private lagoon.
Our room has double doors that opened out onto a small terrace overlooking the lagoon compete with a meditation island with a large stone buddha.

We had a late light lunch sharing a beer then a slow meander around the lagoon.
Exotic flowers, life sized statues of various Hindu Gods and elephants. Raised minature ponds with flowering water lilies. all making the whole place totally tranquil.

There is a large conference of 100 people, however they are so busy with their own itinerary on the front lawn that we are almost alone in this amazing place. Only two other western couples in sight.

That evening we went round to the bar that overlooks the lake outside our complex and had a traditional Friday evening Gin and Tonic. The first place all holiday that sells spirits.

Mum, when we arrived, wanted to know what else we could do and what trips were available, but now, we have both melded into the relaxation of the place and enjoyed a magnificent dinner in a peaceful restaurant.

Slept late this morning. Had a leisurely breakfast at 10am the went to the spa where we enjoyed a full body massage. Over a hour of hot oils and massage treatment, leaving us both floppy and chilled out.

Spent the rest of the day by the pool. Three large stone elephants with water shooting out of the trunks into the pool overlooking the lagoon. Only one other couple there to share with. An indoor quiet room if you want to relax in a cooler environment. This is high end luxury.

That evening we went to the ‘posh’ restaurant for a treat. The food was lovely, however the food on this trip has been exceptional so far and maybe over shadowed it.

Such a relaxing spa hotel, peaceful, quite, just what we needed after the previous few day’s excitement and journeying.

Could stay here for a few more days relaxing, however, after a leisurely breakfast we checked out of the hotel and were taken down to the hotel private jetty…….