Indian Adventure Part 3

Up and about early this morning had breakfast, packed and met Bobby at 9am. All bags loaded in the car and we were off to our next location.

We spent 5 hours driving. The first half of the journey, passing through many very busy towns, hundreds of shops, slow traffic, tut tuts in the way. We stopped at a small road side cafe for a comfort break. Mum visited the loo and advised me that it was clean and safe. I went after her, a man, leaving the ladies loo, he had pee’d all over the seat and the floor.

Wearing very long trousers I ended up pulling the legs up over my knees, trying to hold onto them and pull them down at the same time, then hovering. Not an easy task. Yuk.

The second part of the journey took us up into the mountains and countryside, passing  tea plantations, Coffee trees, various spice plants all pointed out by Bobby along the way. The tea plantations are so neat, tidy clean and uniform very like the Indian people.

The journey passed by quite quickly, we did make one other stop and that was to see two elephants sat on the back of lorries. They were being transported to a local town for a festival.

The Cardamon County Hotel.

Driven through large iron gates, we, emerged into a paradise of green trees and small bungalow style rooms climbing up the side of a hill. We were met as we got out of the car by a lady splodging on a bindi and a man adorning us in jasmine flower necklaces . We checked in whilst drinking fresh cardamon and lemon tea. How gorgeous.

Our room was fresh and clean. I went out onto the balcony to see mum waving at me and making be quiet signs. We had a family of monkeys sitting on the roof a few feet from us.

Spent the afternoon lazing by the pool. Then sat on our balcony at the end of the day, watching thousands of fruit bats leaving the trees opposite our hotel, making their way to the grape fields to eat. They are huge, using the tips of the wings as arms, pulling themselves to the treetops before launching into flight.

Spent a lovely evening in a local restaurant and yet again it was mums best meal yet. We had a chicken dish, Mum said ‘how can something that looks like mud taste so good’. it really was amazing.

Ended the day by sitting on the balcony with citronella joss sticks burning to keep away the mossies and sharing a cold beer.