Adventure ends.

Saturday. After a restless night I thought I might go down to the sea front and wave goodbye to the ship. Changed my mind as decided it would be too sad. Made coffee and unpacked my bags. Got a taxi at 11am an went to the medical supply store to get a walking stick. Crutches… Read More Adventure ends.


Anguilla. Welcome to paradise. My first stop hospital. Yes on Wednesday afternoon whilst on watch I managed to fall down the salon stairs. From top to bottom. My foot got caught in between the rungs (stairs are like a ladder) of the third from bottom step on the way down. Tofar the medical officer was… Read More OOP’S

sailing again

With the watch system now in two sections in place of the 3 we have to work a one day on one day off. Because there is half the crew on board we can afford to split into two groups. Each group spending either a morning or afternoon small boat sailing. Donald the chef has… Read More sailing again

Monday 8th February All hands muster. Leaving today. Each watch, with set tasks, preparing for the departure. The captain has gone ashore to check us out with the authorities. 12-4 watch main task as to clean the green skirt from the side of the ship. Sea weed and sea grass take hold just under the… Read More