Adventure ends.

Saturday. After a restless night I thought I might go down to the sea front and wave goodbye to the ship. Changed my mind as decided it would be too sad. Made coffee and unpacked my bags.
Got a taxi at 11am an went to the medical supply store to get a walking stick. Crutches left on the ship. Then my cabbie took me to a supermarket to get lots of veggies and supplies to last me until I get to fly home on Thursday. Eating out is getting expensive. My cabbie was very sweet and decided that I should not go home but stay here and be his wife…… he wants to take me to see his house later in the week. Oh help!!!

Spent the rest of the day in my aprtment! made pasta with creamy garlic and cheese sauce, squash and broccoli. Drank some white wine, then an early night.

Sunday .
Very achy and painy. Everything hurts today and very tired. Plan to chill out doing nothing.
Went out to ‘dads’ bar for the evening. the staff all greeted me as if I was an old friend. They reserved a sofa for me so I could sit in comfort. 4 rum drinks and a couple of hours late, picked up another Caribbean husband, managed to give him the slip before zig zagging my home across the beach car park.

Finally had my first good nights sleep since the accident. 12oclock I walked down to the beach with a knee support in my bag and a towel. My plan is to chill by the beach and have a swim.

Everyone out partying. I join the party of course. Beer, BBQ, swim with Americans who help me in and out of the water. Drink pinacoladas, watch children and adults alike playing in the foam machine in the bar and dancing. The floor is too slippery for a Hoppa long. Great fun day. Pain killers due at 5pm remind me it’s time to come home. Every age group having fun together on the beach along with chickens, cockerels and chicks. Brilliant Easter Monday.

Tuesday. Very tired today. I suppose it’s the shock of doing nothing after being so busy for so long. Also the reality that the adventure is nearly over. Spent most of the day snoozing and reading. Popped out for a drink after making enough tomato and vegetable pasta to feed the ship. I enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday. Finally got my medical clearance to fly. Flights booked, ferry to St Martin booked. Now time to rest on the beach.
Spent the afternoon on a sunned outside DADS bar and restaurant. They kept me supplied with beers and Pina coladas, also kept an eye on me whilst I swam or should I say bobbed about in the sea. I was joined by schools of tiny white fish and bright green foot long garr fish. The sea is shallow and pure white sand under foot. Just what I need.

I went back home for a shower and change then went back to Dads for my last night and dinner. I was joined at my table by three little girls, two aged 10 and 7 from Montreal, the third aged 4 from New York. They were all on holiday together along with 4 adults and three boys. All on one yacht. Such great fun kids. Had a lovely evening with them.
Later a band came to play and practice before they return on Saturday night. Dad sang as well, he is apparently a very big name in reggae music and a record producer. to me he is a very kind caring man with a great singing voice. Said good by to Alex the manager, she wants me to come back and stay with her once I’m repaired, Dads nearly broke me in half with his goodbye bear hug.

It never ceases to amaze me how amazingly kind the Caribbean people are. My land lady Ann and her cleaner Analis never went a day with out checking up on me. Ann even took me to the ferry rather than trust me to a taxi driver.

The ferry crossing was in a high speed motor boat. I checked in, got wheelchair service and an executive lounge pass. Fresh nibbles, free drinks. Who said the adventure ending has to be bad

I have truly had the most fantastic adventure ever. Seen sights I never knew existed. Made so many friends, ate all manner of foods, laughed a lot. Explored new lands.

Would I do it again, NO. I’ve done it.

Are there places that I want to go back to YES.

It’s all been wonderful.

Next stop home.

Like at the end of a movie here are the credits….

Me. Loud, noisy, caring, annoying at times, never learnt my lines. played the part of ships Mumma well.

Rest of the crew in no particular order.

Katie, very small, loud, bossy, patient, passionate and funny. You looked after me at the beginning, gave me the right ropes to pull on. Spent my last night with you eating Mexican food. Don’t stop telling stories. Love NYC.
Alison – AKA Chief mate. Artistic, fantastic teacher. Beautiful calm leader.
Sam & Kevin. Joined at the hip. Young love ‘girl friends’. Sorry can’t sit and chat some more. Kevin. you loved my made up gossip. Cook that girl her breakfast.
John Boy.- Tall skinny, needs a pound or arse, flatterer. Always singing.(badly) I will hold your ships check comments to my heart.( or sit on it)
Tofar – Medical officer. Big hairy beast of a man with cheeky blue eyes and an infectious laugh. Thanks you so much for your support and help. Total trust in you always.
Darren. Rude and grumpy. Trying to hide the kind side that I saw everyday. f#*k you. LOL
Vicky, Stunning looking blue eyed girl. So much fun with you girl. We will always have our beer bush. Also I was the only one to witness your drunken animal impressions.
Bridge Brothers. Your mum did an amazing job. Fun, respectful gentleman.
Jesper. Funny to the core. I just wanted to take you home. I will Treasure my flag.
Jack. 19 year old with not much to say. Get him talking about climbing to the royals in a storm or go small boat sailing with him the world lights up. Protective caring nature. Appreciated the jacket and your help on and off the skiff.
Ty. Tall skinny 19year old from the Bahamas, Total charmer. Loved the bumping. You never offended me.
Aiden. Always with a story. Never failed to help. Lovely nature.
Jamie. All American boy. Not really a sailor but was a good laugh and kept close when I needed help.
Ameil. Climbs like a monkey in the rigging. Knows his stuff. Good fun, never got to take me to the Royals, but thanks for the offer.
Gary. Looks like Jenson Button, Really cool guy, flys helicopters when he’s not sailing. If only I was 20years younger……
Fire Hayley. Such a gentle innocent nature. Never change.
Luna – Hayley G. Loving but loud, knows it all but might benefit from listening a bit more. Great hugs.
Vi. Bad ass. Tongan Hukka queen. Amazing energy and strength from such a small women.
Victor. Viking Power. Immense strength, natural sailor, so pretty and smiley.
Bronwyn. Fit beautiful, could have married you off several times. Quietly spoken, quick to laugh. One of the best days ever in Dakar.
Annlora. French, we kept trying to hate each other as that’s what history tells us to do. So caring and gentle, great day in Grenada.
Hanna Deets. Day dreamer. often seemed to be in her own world. Sexiest bum on the ship.
Dan 2nd Mate. Straight talker, clear and concise orders, often seemed a bit cross but giggles like a girl.
Captain Sam. Such a short time with him but an amazing sailor, felt totally safe with him in control. Very hands on and quick to smile and laugh.
Captain Moreland. Old style Captain. Commanded respect without trying. Loved that you called me young lady.
Tim The Carpenter. The laughing pale skinned red headed leprechaun from Maine. Remember to always have adventures and spend more time with your wife.
John. Sail maker. Great to be with you. loved your company. Friend.
Donald. Chef. no more meat donuts, they are wrong. Natural charmer. Loved your humour. Mackenzie. Pretty face. never stopped working. Mucky Mac. Be happy.
Sebastian . Mixed up but still managed to be so quick witted. Loved our day on the beach together but apart.
Danielle. Find the truth, find what you really want and stop eating crackers.
Tammy. Loved having someone nearly my age to talk to.
Dawson (age 3 1/2). Digga Digga Digga. No Monkey
Figi. Meow
Mika. Your to young at 21 to get married, I’m to old to be your wife.
Mark. No photos, do it your way and it will work…. You are a nice guy.
Bob (Kate). Fellow Brit. So slight in size, so much energy and happiness.
New Bob. Brave man to join so late. Enjoy every minute.
Gabe. Hyper active, maybe stop talking to yourself so much. Great patience when I needed you help. I did learn loads.
Big Mike. So short a time together. You never got to cross the Atlantic but we managed to spend some great times together.
Tim. You left early, but right for you. Had a scullery day together and many good chats.
Jazz. would have loved to spend more time with you. Hope alls well at home.

And finally.

My Hanna.. We joined together, we were on watch together for most of the journey, were dayman sailmakers together. Had so much fun both on and off the ship. Giggled like kids all the time. No one else even got half of what we found funny. ‘wipe’. We even laughed when you helped me to the loo on my last night on ship. Me making strangled operatic noises with the pain, you uncontrollably laughing. Love you girl.

This was my cast and crew, my family for the last 3 months. So little cross words considering we were all confined in such a small space. So much fun and laughter.
My motto in life, If you see someone without a smile give them yours.
I give mine to each of the above. XXX

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