Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Arrived back on the ship after 2 days away. People seemed genuinely pleased to have me back. Thanks for the hugs guys.

Work day was odd, I started my day going food shopping with Bob. She was unsure how to buy the food in a wholesale place as you had to order from one person and then pay another, then wait for the supplies. She has no Portuguese so I went along as translator. Got most of the items on the list and then got it all back to the ship.

Spent the rest of the working day learning sailmaking, and seaming a new sail. Domestic clean up at 3pm then a Celestial navigation lesson with Chief mate at 5pm.

Celestial navigation seems to be all about numbers and maths. I loved it.

A quiet evening aboard ship, on watch from 2am-3:30am. It was carnival on the shore and the parties were rocking until 4am. I spent watch dancing on the quarter deck in my own private party.
Thank goodness no one came out on deck, there I was all alone shaking my stuff like a mad woman. Creating some shapes.

6th Feb.
Day off. I spent most of the morning emptying and tidying up my bunk. Getting ready to go to sea. It is amazing how untidy everything can get in such a small space.

Went ashore for the afternoon. Purchased treats for the voyage. Everything is catered for, but there are still things that you might crave. I have bought plain crisps and small cartons of orange juice and a jar of mayonnaise. Simple but I still have the biscuits that I bought in La Gomera and gave most of the sweet things away as I didn’t want them.

During the evening a small group of us went out for dinner. We enjoyed a quiet evening drinking wine. There is an extra skiff run now at 12 midnight for those who want to stay out late. I came back on the 10 o’clock skiff. Didn’t want to stay out any later and get to silly with too much to drink. A bit boring of me, but I’m clumsy enough without the influence of alcohol.

Planned to lay in bed this morning, off to sea tomorrow, so thought I would chill out today.
Got woken up as the captain ordered an all hands muster. His orders had been given before he then changed his mind. Grumpy face.

My plans for today are simple, find somewhere to shower, (water maker causing problems again) lay about on the beach.

Leaving Monday(tomorrow). Crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Should take about 3 weeks.

Next update from the Caribbean. Now that’s pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. Hi Judi

    Thank you for your latest blog of your adventure – it sounds like you are having an amazing time.

    Keep having fun and enjoyment on your adventure.

    Take care and safe sailing.


  2. Hi Judi

    Thank you very much for my beautiful flowers for my birthday which such a lovely surprise – it really made my birthday special.

    Mum took a photo of the flowers which I will send to you later via email.

    Love Sallyxxxx


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