Monday 8th February All hands muster. Leaving today. Each watch, with set tasks, preparing for the departure. The captain has gone ashore to check us out with the authorities. 12-4 watch main task as to clean the green skirt from the side of the ship. Sea weed and sea grass take hold just under the… Read More

Santo Antao

2nd Feb. Work day was really fun. After initial chores we had our first lecture/instruction on celestial navigation. Oh I do hope I can get this right. I really want to learn this, it’s so interesting and a super cool thing to know. We then had painting to do. Mikey and I then went to… Read More Santo Antao

Cape Verde

Hotel was great even if the Internet was poor. had a big breakfast with Mike who stayed in the same hotel. Spent my day off wandering around the shops just looking and having some me time. It’s funny how nice it is to be alone after spending so much time with 40 others on board.… Read More Cape Verde