Going to Sea.

8th Jan

Big excitement this morning as Donald the chef had cooked bacon for breakfast. He knows I don’t like it so cooked me and egg. Great start to the day.

All hands on deck again. This time everyone had to don there harness’s and got inspected by the captain. He then gave a full instruction to everyone old hands and new on why and how they should be used. This was followed by 8 out of 9 of us new bees doing an up and over in front of everyone.

If you look at the ship, the front mast has a platform about a third of the way up, we under guidance had to climb up to the platform, negotiate the overhang and stand up. We then had to climb down the other side. It was so exhilarating, I was so please and proud of myself for getting up there. I got high five all round from the experienced crew. They are all so helpful and encouraging.

After that we had to reclimb the rigging and then go out on the “yard” and make our way to the end. This is the cross strut that the sail hangs from. It was so cool. Pictures should be uploaded onto the Picton castle web site soon.

Later we did sail rigging and setting. Rotating round the ship in order to set the sails on the three different masts.

Just after lunch I had skiff driving lessons. This is the small 10 man motor boat that is used to ferry people from the boat to shore when we are moored up.

This afternoon has been spent lifting and tying everything back on the boat that was on the dock and making the ship ready to sail tomorrow morning.

As you see I am doing so much every day, go to bed exhausted but happy. Can’t believe that I have been here for a week already but also can not believe that I have only been here for a week.

The photos are showing the crew in the dinner line on the dock, also Hayley being happy as she had food and Aidan unhappy as still waiting to get his. Also the crew sitting on the dock wall eating. This is normal done on the Alo Har Deck, but all decks were oiled in preparation for departure so we were restricted with the places that we could walk.

So next update won’t be for about 10 days as we will be at sea heading for Dakar, Senegal.

I am actually going to sea. So hope that I’m not sea sick.

Oh and just to answer a question that I received. No there are no passengers on board. We all work. (and sorry for the lack of comma’s, grammar was never my strong point.)


Update you all from800 miles further along the Atlantic Ocean.

10 thoughts on “Going to Sea.

  1. Loved the latest blog, you sound so excited, still very proud of you. X X

    Brenda Walker 62 Finches Gardens, Lindfield, West Sussex. RH16 2PB. 07933 116505


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Judi

    Thank you for your last update on your adventure which sounds very eventful and hard work but I hope you are still enjoying it and having fun.

    Good luck on sailing on Saturday and I hope you don’t get too much sea sickness, hopefully none at all.

    Take care and have lots of fun and keep up the tan – I know I won’t recognise you when you get home as you will be so fit and tanned so I may need a photo.

    Love Sallyxx


  3. Oh me & technology don’t mix, hadn’t see this latest exciting update
    Wow you’ve been a busy bee!!!!! 🐝🐝
    Think you’ll be too busy to be seasick darling, fingers crossed you’re not
    Can’t wait for the next update, feels like we’re there with you as you write so well!!
    Happy sailing & catch you soon
    Take care & much love


  4. Keeping in touch through the Captains log, it’s great to be able to follow your adventure on an almost daily basis, even seen a few photos of you. Keep smiling, X X X Mum


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