2 nd update.

image.jpg5th Jan

Every day is so busy, various chores followed by rowing practice , sailing training then lunch, then work details. Normally involving painting at some point
I got my harness today ready for climbing aloft. After checking it all out and learning how to put it on the job that I was supposed to do, had already been done. I wore the harness for a good couple of hours though just so I could be a proper sailor.
Everything is quite manic as the new Captain is due to arrive tomorrow so the “Mates” want very thing to look as good as possible before he arrives. It was my afternoon off but I stayed and helped paint the black guard rail, as well as walked round with a white pot of paint just to get rid of the black drips left behind by a previous painter the day before. All sorts of activities are going on in the Town as it is the festival of the 3 kings. Was going to spend time in town to watch but it got cold and I was so tired I went back and had quiet time in my bunk.
Sorry no photos this time, but can only take photos when not working or training and I seem to be permanently doing both.

6th Jan.
Still doing chores, scrubbing everything within an inch of its life as we all await the arrival of Captain Moreland.
He got to the ship at about 11ish but spent most of the day with the out going captain and the 1st Mate. So not met hm yet.
Training, rowing and painting. Sounds repetitive but every minute of the day is different.
Katy was put on cooking duty for the evening meal as Donald the chef was having the afternoon off. She was getting behind so called Alec in to help. An amazingly capable 18year old who can sail a tall ship but with no experience of how to peel a potato. I ended up taking over from him as we would not have got dinner until 9 pm if we had waited for him. Katy just laughed and said, thought you wasn’t coming into the galley to cook.
On watch tonight but got away with doing 8pm-10pm as I was doubled up with Katy. If you cook then you get given a good watch time.

7th Jan

All hands this morning. This means everyone on deck. We then did training on emergency drills. Every person on the ship has a set role to play in whatever the emergency is. If there is a fire I have to find 3rd mate and do the sail handling. If we have to evacuate the ship I have to ensure that the salon is evacuated before I then done a life vest and get to life raft 4. If we have a man over board situation I have to get to the foredeck and become front look out. I have to look out and point at the person overboard if I see them, otherwise I have to look out for other sea traffic and report back to the captain as necessary.

After this and looking like 40 ants running around all together we then under the Captains instruction did sail setting practice, pulling ropes, getting in the way. Everyone correcting me when I did things wrong. It was so much fun, so confusing but at the same time it all started to make sense.
After coffee break I was on Knot tying training. Glad I managed them without problems. Then we did compass boxing. learning the points of the compass Down to the half point. So pleased I could do this, so much of this sailing process seems so difficult and doesn’t seem to stick into my head so it feels good to get things right first time without asking questions.

Finished work today at 2. Tomorrow will be a very long day as we prepare to sail on Saturday morning. Also will be doing my first climbing aloft practice before go to sea. Can’t wait.

Some information for you all to think about. The toilets are called the heads. These are quite small loos. They have a storm door but it is such a pain to open and close them that we operate a curtain system. If the curtain is closed then the head is in use.
The toilets don’t hold water in them, just think what it would be like if you got sloshed by a bucket full of loo water. Instead you do your business then you a close a valve and open a tap to fill the loo with salt water. You then turn off the tap, open the valve and pump the water out with a hand pump. This process may have to be repeated three times to reach to desired waste disposal. So it’s not as easy as a quick wee and flush. Thought you might like to know to that.
Today has been so much fun, very active both mentally and physically so will sleep well tonight.

Suntan reaching to about a factor 5 out of 10.

6 thoughts on “2 nd update.

  1. Hi Judi

    Thank you for your second update of your adventure. It sounds like hard work with all the preparations needed and lots of learning but still lots of fun – hope you are still enjoying yourself.

    Take care and have lots of fun. Love Sallyxxx


  2. Just knew you’d be in that kitchen, sorry galley, soon enough!!!
    Hope the Capt approved all your hard work?!
    Oh don’t think I could cope with the curtain loo door lol
    Can’t wait for your next instalment as guessing at sea now
    Much love


  3. Bit worried about the loo,or heads and tails or what ever. Can you go over the side or wait till you get home. We have a new self closing loo seat. Wonderful. So labour saving. Keep enjoying. Tim and Lynn coming to your town on Friday but guess you will have taken off by then.


  4. What a busy few days you have had. Good to hear you are settling in well and I’m sure the galley will improve with your input! (no cakes made yet?) How are you going to send us a photo of you shimmying up the mast when you need all hands and feet? Make sure someone on the deck knows they need to take a picture to prove you did it!


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