Sea leg 2

Friday. 22nd January. Back to sea. We were supposed to leave at 9, however the Captain was invited to a thank you ceremony. The ship delivered books in French, that had been donated in Canada, to a local school. We were all on standby and getting the ship ready all day, practicing emergency drills. Finally… Read More Sea leg 2


Sunday 17th January Went to bed after my watch ended at 4am with nothing to see. Woke up at 8 and there was Africa. From the ship the coast looks very industrial, dusty and polluted. We sailed as close as we could before turning on the engine and putting away the sails. I went on… Read More Dakar

Going to Sea.

8th Jan Big excitement this morning as Donald the chef had cooked bacon for breakfast. He knows I don’t like it so cooked me and egg. Great start to the day. All hands on deck again. This time everyone had to don there harness’s and got inspected by the captain. He then gave a full… Read More Going to Sea.

2 nd update.

5th Jan Every day is so busy, various chores followed by rowing practice , sailing training then lunch, then work details. Normally involving painting at some point I got my harness today ready for climbing aloft. After checking it all out and learning how to put it on the job that I was supposed to… Read More 2 nd update.