In memory of my beautiful Man.  Richard Kenna. 18/07/65 – 03/08/14

How did I get to here……

A few years ago Richard and I watched a documentary series about a journalist who joined a restored Tall ship and sailed around the world for 6 months.

That ship was the Picton Castle.  We dreamt that one day we may be able to have that adventure ourselves together.

Well here I am now living the dream for the two of us.  My adventure starts on 1st January 2016…..

My name is Judi and I am learning to be a Me or I. Not easy to do after spending 28 years with Richard living as an Us and We.

Before Richard passed away he made me promise to live life and do all the things that I dreamed of doing.

I reach a landmark birthday in September and am trying to fulfil my bucket list – Not that I actually have one but we all have things that we want to do and see.

So far I have been to New York at Christmas, seen the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree, walked up Fifth Avenue and bought earrings in Tiffanies.

I have been to Las Vegas, watched the gamblers, seen the lights and the razzmatazz, I even saw Elvis 4 times.  I’m sure The midget Elvis wearing a kilt was the real one….

I have looked over the Grand canyon  WOW.

I have been to West end shows with my Nephew and Niece. Silver linings in my life.

Now I am joining the Picton Castle on 1st January at La Gomera Island (Tenerife) to live the life of a sailor (or pirate) for 3 1/2 months.

Sailing to Senegal, Cape Verde Islands, all round the Caribbean and finally ending up at the ships home town of Lunenburg. Nova Scotia in mid April.

I hope to tell you all about my adventures, but will only be able to update this site when on land and can find a WIFI connection.

You can also follow the captains log on  http://www.picton-castle.com

I finish my journey in Toronto where I will meet up with my Mum and visit Niagra Falls.

A very big adventure.  I hope you enjoy the ride. X




23 thoughts on “About.

  1. We will be following you every step of the way. You are an inspiration and as your little cousin I look up to you now just as I did in my ‘grown up’ Laura Ashley green bridesmaid dress the day you and Richard married. Love you Judi. Xxx

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  2. Very brave and emotional. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    Richard would be so proud of you,as he always was.
    I still value the pruning knife he so spontaneously gave me.
    Love Tony and Mary


  3. Full of admiration for your forthcoming adventure. So brave to carry on after the loss of your husband. Although I don’t know you, I will be following your journey with interest.


  4. I can’t wait to read your log. I know there will be lots of fun, because everywhere you are : there is! Taking Richard in your heart is the next best thing. Have a wonderful experience. With love, Countess and Geoffers xx


  5. Hey Jude as your best friends chubby and sues and your three God children we love you and so very proud of you miss Ken so very much he would be so very proud of you as we all are .you take care be safe and soak it all up we will be waiting for you at the end of your journey. Are arms are wrapped around you every step xxxxxx


  6. Dear Judi, so glad you have the chance to do this trip . We are all so so proud of you. Wish I could go with you. Have a wonderful time. Will follow you every step of the way.


  7. Wishing you a safe and exciting journey of a lifetime … We will be following you every step of the way … Enjoy xxx


  8. Well Judi girl…..

    Let the fun begin……… Oh boy oh boy… tee hee… exciting.. scarey…. delicious…..the ups and the downs.. let’s go! 🙂 xxxxx


  9. We wish you a happy and wonderful new year full of happiness and beautiful memories for
    2016. Bless you on your brave and exciting journey and we know Richard ( Ricky ) will sail
    right by your side. We miss him dearly and and will follow you on your dream sail ship.


  10. Hi Judi. We wish you a happy and wonderful new year on your fab trip. We know you’ll have a blast.
    Fair play to you. We know Richard (Ricky ) will be sailing right by your side. Live it and love it Judi as
    Richard would of wanted you to do. We miss him dearly. Bless you on your journey.Don’t forget to have
    the craic..Love you loads. xxx


  11. Well Pauline your there and rocking keep safe Richard will be with you every step of the way missed everyday boo boo you got this enjoy be here to with hugs at the end of this one of the most important journey you will ever make,the first journey you made and are still making is being you big love xxx


  12. So in awe of you Judi. Richard would be so proud as of course your mum is. Will follow with great interest your adventures as they happen. Enjoy! Jane & Barry xx


  13. Judi your amazing , really hope your having a dream time !! I’m sure your be getting a lovely tan too ! Take care and let the boat take you luv Lisa xx


  14. Thinking of you… Trust you are in full I love sailing mode! Piggy is fine. He slept between RON & I last nite and sends you a sloppy kiss! Xxx


  15. Your blog is an inspiration to everyone and very envious that you are living the dream. Will look forward to following your progress from a cold and miserable February day here in the UK. Much love xxx


  16. What a lovely discritipn of the adventer you are on not with out hard work but sounds like you are learning a lot as well enjoy. Keep the logs coming we are so enjoying them. Xx


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